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Lyra(リラ) フィリピン

Hi, This is Lyra! I am a Bachelor of Arts Major in English graduate. I used to teach English grammar and literature at a local nursing college and worked part-time at a kindergarten. I started teaching English online almost five years ago and these experiences has taught me to become more flexible, patient and persevere more to help my students learn fast. Studying with me is stress-free, easy and fun. English is not really a hard language to learn especially if you can practice it more, and take note of your mistakes and correct them right away. And through our lessons, I will help you with your grammar, speaking and reading abilities. We will also make sure that your listening and understanding or comprehension skills will always be checked. We will have constant practice and I will make sure that every minute you spend studying with me is a worthwhile activity! I'm looking forward to meet and study with you! Thanks!

Lesson Plans

Callan Method -
This has 12 stages that helps learners to be familiar of the basic grammar constructions and practice good conversation flow.

Free Talking -
A topic will be discussed every session depending on the interest of the student or general discussions. During the lesson, grammar and pronounciation will be cheked.

Book Lessons -
Using ESL books that have different focus like reading and comprehension, phonics, grammar and the like. Books used are Side By Side 1-4; Talk Talk; Teen Talk 1-2; Reading Starter 1-6; Grammar Booster 1-3; Let's Talk 1-2.

*Listening, reading, comprehension, and conversation skills are integrated in all kinds of lessons. This also includes common expressions; idioms; and/or slang language.

★★ リラ先生・カランメソッドクラスの感想 ★   (Tさん )

先ほど、LYLA先生とのレッスンが終わりました。LYLA先生は、テンポが良く、カランメソッドらしいレッスンだと感じました。付加的な質問もたくさんしてくださって、楽しいレッスンでした。1レッスンが終了したときに、聞き取り&タイピングの復習も出してくださって、良かったです。 全体的に、勉強した充実感のある楽しいレッスンでした

★★ リラ先生・カランメソッドクラスの感想 ★   (Sさん )