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Ryan(リアン) フィリピン

Good day! Everyone. My name is Ryan and I live in the Philippines. For me, English is our international language and we usually use this in our everyday lives. Speaking the language is very important, in order for us to understand by other people to any parts of the world. English as our second language, is a part of our communication that has many uses especially when we do our daily activities or dealing with other people from different nationalities. Learning and speaking the English language is commonly use as a everyday expressions. My goal for my students is to be able to express themselves and to be able to improve their strengths and weaknesses. I also want to see my students that learning and speaking the English language is not a hard way and to be a reason as your communicating barrier. Let's start to learn the English language in a enjoyable and interesting way it would be . I would be highly appreciated as your help towards learning the English language and hoping you'll learn something. Come. Sit back. Relax. Let’s enjoy.

:: Reading
:: Listening
:: Speaking
:: Free conversation
:: Everyday expressions
:: Picture discussion
:: Role-playing
:: Word match
:: Vocabulary

All lessons are based in a real-life situations or scenarios and experiences and this would help in improving your communication skills.

★★ リアン先生・カランメソッドクラスの感想    ( 2012/04 )
4月からリアン先生とのカランメソッドクラスを受講しています。無料セッションを受けた時に”えっえ~ こんなに簡単なのぉ??”と馬鹿にしてたけど、今は長い答えに追いつかず四苦八苦、しどろもどろ。。。でもリアン先生忍耐強く待っててくれるんです。カランメソッド楽しんでます。